It’s a brand new world

Our tagline at Markd Global is, It’s a brand new world. More is changing than will ever be the same, especially when many agree we’re on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are increasingly connected and empowered as consumers and citizens living on a troubled planet with viruses that can turn on us anytime. No wonder leaders like Elon Musk are looking to make us multiplanet species with space as our next frontier.

What sounds like science fiction has become our reality. But all this change can feel like a whirlwind, which is why a focus on one thing – purpose – can help anchor us in a more dynamic world. Answering Simon’s Sinek’s famous question – WHY – in our current reality with the leaders, brands, and businesses we work with brings many interesting perspectives and more importantly, meaning to our work.

Even McKinsey at the conclusion of their Next Normal Arrives report says purpose – something that humans naturally seek – must be infused with profit for businesses to grow and thrive.

“We do not believe there is a conflict between the two [purpose and profit]. A McKinsey Global Survey in February 2020 found that a majority of the executives and investment professionals surveyed said they believed that environmental, social, and governance programs already create short- and long-term value and will do so, even more, five years from now.”

McKinsey: The Next Normal Arrives – Trends that will define 2021 – and beyond

Five years from now purpose and profit will be as symbiotic as Nemo and his sea anemone home. In other words, they will be inseparable in creating long-term value for leaders and their businesses. This is a place that is natural for brands to exist, which means they aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be here on earth and if Elon has anything to do with it, they’ll be brands in space too. Either way, earthly brands need to evolve and be anchored on purpose beyond profit to make a meaningful mark in the world, which is why we come back to our tagline, which might not feel like a stretch anymore… It’s a brand new world.

A brand new world for ECOTONE

In a brand new world, some leaders will try and retain a business as usual approach or sadly, shrink back in all the uncertainty. Others will choose to push forward seeing our current reality as an opportunity to transform their companies. One such leader is Tony Watling, the CEO of a newly formed Australian and New Zealand company called ECOTONE.

We helped Tony and his team create the ECOTONE brand almost entirely in lockdown, which is a story in itself. But before we did this, we asked Tony some fundamental questions – all centred on purpose. WHY did a new brand need to exist in Australia and New Zealand?

Tony shared that his team had been in the building and construction industry for over 20 years, transforming the urban landscape with unique long-lasting colour applications on brick, block, concrete, and cladding materials. They evolved their business to launch functional coatings, a revolutionary range of self-cleaning products that use photocatalysis to help building materials retain their appearance while extending asset life and reducing maintenance costs.

If you get into the layers of this business, the sustainability story is profound. It’s humanity unlocking the secrets of science and technology to make good – restoring traditional and heritage buildings one moment and creating new architectural wonders the next – with a big nod to people and planet.

The list of iconic buildings that this team has applied their coatings on is an architectural and engineering dream list. We’re talking Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park, the Barangaroo International Towers, Sydney Metro SkytrainASB Waterfront Theatre in New Zealand among a long list of award-winning projects. These are buildings we’ve been in and even admired from afar without ever knowing that one of the secrets to their stunning appearance is their surface coatings.

WHY It’s a brand new world for ECOTONE

We respected Tony’s product story. It’s one of the best we’ve heard in a while. He had a very compelling and proven WHAT that had delivered growth for the business. But we still wanted to understand WHY go local? This is what he said.

“Having a local brand and identity will help us better serve the needs of our customers in our industry. Our built environment is unique in Australia and New Zealand, which means we need tailored products and services. We don’t want to be an afterthought in our industry but a brand that represents the first choice in beautiful surface designs that last the test of time. It’s better for our environment and creates long-term value for our customers.”

Tony Watling, CEO ECOTONE Australia & New Zealand

Tony and his team dug a little deeper. In doing so they found their purpose, which is to partner with the local industry to make Stunningly Sustainable buildings that transform our urban landscape. They want to create beautiful places and greener and safer spaces for everyone’s benefit including our planet. We set to work mobilising our brand village of expert collaborators to bring this new brand experience to life.

“Through the Markd Global PX™ Experience – ECOTONE was born. It is a simple name with a bold vision and purpose to bring Colour For Life in the built environment. To see the WHAT and WHY of their story translate seamlessly across many touchpoints including a brand new website has been hugely rewarding.”

Jodi Castellan, Markd Global Brand Strategist

Wrapping Up

As some companies look to space to reach new frontiers others are localising to deliver the absolute best in customer experience. Elon’s using science and technology to help us live on Mars as Tony’s using it to create beautiful buildings to help us live better here on Earth, more specifically Australia and New Zealand.

There is no right or wrong answer. We believe to find your optimal brand and business opportunity you have to connect to purpose. It’s a space where magical things happen based on the strongest foundation we can hope for in a disruptive world.

If you have a building project that you want to make Stunningly Sustainable, do connect with the ECOTONE team via their brand new website here.

If you’re an earthly brand or business that wants to benefit from purpose, say

Sibon Schouten - Markd Global

Sibon Schouten

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