Markd Global is a purpose-driven brand and marketing collective based in Sydney, Australia.

We are passionate builders of personal, product, and company brands that work with a diverse range of people and companies across multiple platforms.

We believe that personal and company brands acting on purpose will not only create value but change culture for good.

We ensure each and every brand we work with is a more relevant and meaningful mark in a world that is moving forward at an unprecedented rate of change.

We love working with like
minded people

With millions of brands and people co-existing on the same platforms, fuelling the fast pace of our world, the most urgent and complicated question we could ever ask ourselves is, Who am I?

We aim to answer that question whether you are a personal, product or company brand. We use world-class brand building tools to help bring your authentic story to life and then we guide its amplification with your audience in mind across multiple channels and platforms.

We specialise in

Personal Branding

All of us can benefit from being more intentional about what we stand for to shape the opportunities we attract and the life we end up living.

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Company Branding

Position your product or company brand for greater levels of success through purpose-driven brand building and marketing.

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