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Dr. FLAV on being a changemaker with purpose

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Houston, we have a problem.

We all know what eating a healthy balanced diet looks like. Yet many of us find it challenging to make healthy food choices every day. What’s on our plate also influences where and how we source our food, which has an impact on the environment.

When half the world’s population is undernourished and the other half is overnourished, we know we have a problem. According to the UN, we are producing enough food to feed everyone for now, but our current food systems are unsustainable, failing both people and the planet. 

Nutrition scientists like Dr. Flavia Fayet-Moore are passionate about people having access to food equitably, nutritionally, and sustainably to ensure a healthy future for all.

Coming up against a world-changer.

When we first met Flavia, we knew she was our perfect client.

At Markd Global, we’re on a mission to change the world one leader and company at a time. Just turn on the news on any channel and you know our world’s in trouble. It’s not going to be science or technology that changes the world, but people.

That’s why we focus on working with leaders, typically at halftime – halfway through career and life to make a positive impact in their sphere of influence. In our experience, this is the time when leaders are most open to taking on that courageous journey from success to significance to make their mark on the world. 

It was clear Flavia was a successful leader at halftime. She’d already established a thriving business in Nutrition Research Australia (NRAUS) with a reputation as a thought leader in her space. NRAUS works with leading food companies, organisations, and health care professionals, providing end-to-end nutrition research, education, and communication. 

But we weren’t sure whether Flavia would be willing to go on a journey of purpose to unlock her true significance. Luckily for us, she said yes.

Move aside, Indiana Jones. Flavia is here.

We started with Flavia’s brand – who was she truly? What did she really stand for?

It was like opening Pandora’s box full of the life and colours of Brazil, the egalitarian culture of Canada, and the can-do spirit of Australia. A world where science, technology, and creativity could coexist and solve every problem, where our food and nutrition challenges could be broken down into simple solutions that everyone could adopt.

I grew up in Brazil, was educated in Canada, and completed my Masters and Ph.D. in Australia. I could have followed any path but became a nutrition scientist, then later a dietitian. This gave me the ability to create a business around the translation of science and nutrition to benefit companies, organisations, and ultimately people.

By the way, Flavia is also a pilot and scuba diver that speaks 5 languages. You can question what you’ve done with your life when you hear Flavia’s story, or you can think Indiana Jones needs to step aside because Flavia is here :).

Flavia’s world powered by purpose

We had never heard anyone uncomplicate what feels like one of the biggest challenges the food industry is facing. From kids to the elderly, Flavia has a way of making eating well inspiring, easy, and fun. Even more powerful is that her recommendations are not backed by the latest food fad or diet trend. They are backed by science.

At the heart of Flavia’s world is her purpose.

I not only know what I’m here to do, but it helps me connect with others that have the same purpose – and that is to be a changemaker in global human health and wellbeing, backed by science.

A big challenge, a diverse leader, but powered by a clear purpose. 

The creation of the Dr. FLAV brand

We encouraged Flavia to create a brand to engage a global audience with her powerful message. Ultimately she needs to connect with other changemakers to realise her vision of a healthier world. We worked with our brand village of experts to bring the Dr. FLAV brand to life including our Creative Director and Stylist, Louise Edmonds.

Based on the Dr. FLAV brand strategy, we created a Pinterest board that captured the essence of Flavia. It was important that her brand expression told her complete story as a creative nutritionist and scientist. Once she was aligned, we created the key brand assets that she would need to propel her professional brand forward.

Of the experience, Flavia says,

I  could see how purpose was translating into brand presence and expression. From colours, styling, photography, and brand identity, everything connected to tell a single-minded story. 

Our work with Flavia or Dr. FLAV is just beginning. She has a big vision powered by an important purpose that is impossible to do alone. If you’re inspired by Flavia’s story and see yourself as a changemaker in human health and wellbeing, get in touch with Flavia through the following channels:

Connect with Dr.FLAV here

Learn more about Nutrition Research Australia here

Discover Food is Cool here

Wrapping up

We work with leaders globally, helping to identify a deeper sense of purpose to help them make their mark on the world. This unlocks triple bottom line thinking in their business models enabling them to have a bigger impact.

We do this through co-creation – The Purpose Experience – and then we work alongside a brand village of collaborators to bring every brand experience to life. 

We believe it’s in all of us to change the world for the better. It’s not something we can do alone, which is why we are here to support every leader who wants to go on their own purposeful journey of success to significance.

If you’re a leader and think you’d benefit from a purpose-driven brand experience like Dr. FLAV, contact us.

Sibon Schouten

Sibon Schouten

CEO and Founder | Markd Global