Purposeful brands create more value

We love brands. For the products and companies they become. The services they provide. The stories they tell. And their ability to unite customers and culture. These are wonderful things about brands. But we also believe brands can make an even more powerful mark in the world – if they are anchored on purpose.


executives believe that companies perform better over time if purpose is pursued beyond profit



consumers will switch brands for a conscious alternative at the same value and price



millennials would consider taking a pay cut to work in a company with a mission that aligns to their own


Turning purpose to performance

According to a landmark study by the Harvard Business Review , purposeful brands create more engaged employees and more loyal customers, and are even better at innovation and transformational change.

The challenge is most brands don’t know how to turn purpose into performance. However through a purpose-driven lens that considers products & services and people engagement, it is possible.

How we do it

We use a proprietary brand-building tool to identify PX™ – The Purpose Experience – as the catalyst for change. PX™ is brought to life in strategy development and execution through our brand village of expert collaborators providing a fast, flexible and tailored way to turn purpose into performance.

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