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The values-driven brand comes of age

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Jodi Castellan sitting on a chair as part of Markd Global

Jodi Castellan | From Marketing to Motherhood & Beyond

As a Markd Global team, we are so excited to announce that Jodi Castellan has come on board to support our team in our next phase of growth. 

Anyone that knows Jodi would recognise what an exceptional marketer she is having worked in multinational companies on some of their most well-known and loved brands. We did not doubt Jodi’s brilliance as a marketer. However, we were curious about her values and the impact she wanted to make in her next half. 

We invited Jodi to attend one of our Professional Branding for Leaders Programs to facilitate the process of defining her values. Jodi’s values of optimism, leadership, family, integrity, and loyalty came through strongly in her life shaped by two main roles.

We have many roles in life. The two that have been most defining for me have been marketing and motherhood. Over a marketing career that spans more than 20 years, I’ve been lucky enough to become a mum of four. I can’t say it’s been easy nor perfect, but because both these roles were important to me, I Iearnt to navigate them equally well.

One thing that International Women’s Day highlighted in 2021 is that women are still 100 years away from gaining equality in Australia. We wonder whether our society still makes motherhood and pursuing a career too much of a competitive choice. You have to choose one or the other. And if you do, you can’t be successful at both.

I believe my career has made me a better mother. I also believe motherhood has made me a better leader. That’s why in my LinkedIn profile, I’ve specifically captured the times I took off to focus on family as important parts of my values-driven leadership journey.

Jodi’s values have informed the four areas in which she wants to make a meaningful mark in her world. One of those is to help people and businesses to grow through world-class brand strategy. She’s already delivered several strategic projects across a diverse range of Markd Global clients including Sara Lee and Galderma.

Our final question to Jodi is what part did the leaders she worked for play in what we are calling her marketing, to motherhood and beyond journey. 

We can’t do any of this alone. Apart from the support of my family, I’ve been lucky to have worked for a number of supportive leaders in my career. They encouraged me when I chose to take a career break and welcomed me back when I was ready to refocus on my career again.

We don’t know about you but we are really inspired by Jodi’s story. We were in the Australian Financial Review recently on the values-driven brand coming of age. It’s stories like Jodi’s that give us hope for a more holistic type of leadership. One in which we can be successful leaders in family, business, and life. 

Thanks, Jodi for sharing on Marketing to Motherhood & Beyond.

To find out more about how Jodi can support your brand and business, link in with her here.

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