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Lisa May powered by brand purpose

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A portrait of Lisa May with a quote by Markd Global

Lisa’s all about genuine leadership. It’s no surprise when you hear her story. She recognised she had to lead from an early age as a daughter to a mum with neurological sarcoidosis.

My leadership journey started as a child as my mother was in a  wheelchair and had been since I was three. This meant taking a lead role in many family scenarios.

Her leadership journey eventually took her around the globe to work for some of the world’s largest companies on their most valuable brands and businesses. It was at halftime when the Markd team reconnected with Lisa. By this time she’d had a marketing and general management career to be proud of along with a diverse range of skills and experiences including a startup portfolio career.

Like many leaders at halftime, Lisa had spent decades focused on leading others with limited time to reflect on herself. We encouraged Lisa to take a pause in the road. 

I have always been clear on my personal and professional values as they have been the cornerstone of who I am and how I work. However, I also recognised there was an opportunity to review and redefine them in the context of my next half and where I wanted to make the biggest impact.

We asked Lisa to go on a new adventure, one based on brand purpose. This included answering three fundamental questions:  Who am I? Why I am here? What does the next half look like?

Answering these questions led Lisa to rearticulate her values, which eventually led to the relaunch of her business based on her personal brand. Lisa May is all about empowering authentic leadership to transform the world of business through Governance, Coaching and Advisory.

The Markd Purpose Experience encourages you to own your full story. I came to the conclusion that genuine and authentic leadership is where my story began and how I wanted it to continue. My vision for my next half is to grow authentic leaders. It’s not only the right thing to do, it has a compelling business case. My best results came from environments where authentic leadership was encouraged.

Owning her story led to Lisa seeing the value of connecting her business with her personal brand. She also took the opportunity to work with our brand village of expert collaborators to bring her brand experience to life with styling, photography, design, and brand asset development. 

Lisa’s transformation from a successful leader to one who will undoubtedly make an even bigger impact in her sphere of influence powered by brand purpose has been an honour for the Markd team to watch and be part of.

To find out more about Lisa May and how she can support your business, connect with her here.

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Sibon Schouten

Sibon Schouten

CEO and Founder | Markd Global